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Melatonin For Children – Is Melatonin Safe For Children?

About 30% of the population now suffers at least time to time from insomnia and it is estimated that people now sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago. The worst news is that insomnia is now even affecting children of different age groups and melatonin has started to be used as a sleeping medication for such children. But it is still not sure enough if melatonin for children is safe enough.

The most common reasons why children these days suffer from insomnia are that they either have a TV or a computer on their bedroom. It is almost certain that those children who have any of these two on their bedrooms tend to sleep less, and at some point, deal with insomnia.

Another study shows the close relations between those people who sleep less and those who become overweight. This suggests that even children who suffer from sleep deprivations might become obese because of that. That is why it is very advisable to help the child fight their sleeping disorders before it gets serious.

Melatonin and Insomnia In Children


Melatonin for Sleep and Melatonin Dose

Melatonin For Sleep

Sleeping pills such as Eszopiclone, Triazolam, Zaleplon, Ramelteon etc. are all successful at helping people who have trouble sleeping but all of these are prescription only drugs. On the other hand, melatonin is just as effective, and is over-the-counter drug, which means people can purchase it with no prescription at all.

People who have used melatonin for sleep, in almost all instances have reported that the drug was extremely effective. This happens because melatonin itself is a natural hormone which controls the sleep of humans, and the melatonin supplement people use is artificially produced in the laboratory, though, there are also a few supplements extracted from animals. Make sure to stay away from those – some of them might have contagious viruses!

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