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Melatonin for Sleep and Melatonin Dose

Melatonin For Sleep

Sleeping pills such as Eszopiclone, Triazolam, Zaleplon, Ramelteon etc. are all successful at helping people who have trouble sleeping but all of these are prescription only drugs. On the other hand, melatonin is just as effective, and is over-the-counter drug, which means people can purchase it with no prescription at all.

People who have used melatonin for sleep, in almost all instances have reported that the drug was extremely effective. This happens because melatonin itself is a natural hormone which controls the sleep of humans, and the melatonin supplement people use is artificially produced in the laboratory, though, there are also a few supplements extracted from animals. Make sure to stay away from those – some of them might have contagious viruses!

melatonin for sleep


Melatonin Dosage and Melatonin Overdose

Melatonin dosage

When it comes to the most effective sleeping pills, people consider melatonin to be one of them. Melatonin is certainly a very helpful and successful medication to help treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders, but the patient using it must be extra careful as regarding to the dosage taken.

Most people believe that the higher the dosage of melatonin, the better the effects. And some of them even start gradually increasing their dosage, but the truth is that after some time, they will notice that melatonin will not have the same effect on them as it did before. This was also proven on the laboratory – 0.5 mg of melatonin was by far more effective than 20 mg of it.

While there is no “exactly correct dosage” of melatonin, there is always the possibility of trying and getting results. In other words, a person who uses melatonin should use various doses of melatonin starting from the lowest dosage possible and gradually increasing it and stopping at some point. Afterwards, that person will be able to have a general idea about what dosage helps best.

melatonin dosage