Melatonin Side Effects

It is estimated that 20%-40% of adults suffer from sleep disorders at least once within a year and one out of three adults has insomnia at some point of their lives. Sleeping problems are becoming more and more common, since the factors that cause these problems in the first place are constantly becoming more “present”.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of insomnia treatments that have been specially created for those suffering from sleep disorders. Melatonin is a natural hormone which controls one’s sleeping activities. Recent sleeping medications use melatonin to stimulate sleep and are quite successful at treating insomnia.

Nevertheless, the over usage of melatonin might trigger some unwanted side effects. First of all, before consuming melatonin for sleep, you should carefully consult with a doctor and make sure you have no other condition, especially no heart-related condition. Melatonin can cause serious problems for those suffering from a heart disease.

A common melatonin side effect is feeling overwhelmed; even the slightest detail can set off some serious fuss. Other than that, a patient using melatonin might also suffer from dizziness, sleepwalking, abdominal uneasiness and so on. A few patients have also experienced retina damage as a result of melatonin overdose.

Some people who used to buy melatonin at the time they were trying to have a child have discovered that this medication decreases the chances for doing do. This comes for the fact that melatonin interacts with hormones responsible for conceiving a child.

The full list of melatonin side effects includes:

Feeling dizzy,
Feeling overwhelmed,
Retina damage,
Abdominal uneasiness,
Feeling sleepy during the day,
Decreasing the chances for conceiving and so on.

Melatonin side effects

Melatonin supplement example

In addition, those who use melatonin for sleep should be extra cautious if they use other medications at the same time. Melatonin can interact with the following medicaments and may lead to many serious health issues:

Medications for blood thinning (known as anticoagulants),
Medications for diabetes,
Medications for birth control,
Immunosuppressants (medications for autoimmune diseases, testosterones etc.)

Another thing you should have in mind is that sometimes melatonin is produced from animals. You should absolutely try to avoid using such medications and instead use melatonin produced artificially. This is because melatonin created from animals might contain viruses and other hazardous substances.

Most melatonin side effects are not so dangerous, but still, patients dealing with sleep disorders should try to reduce the dose of melatonin they take. While melatonin might produce good results at treating insomnia, melatonin side effects are undesirable and thus, people considering melatonin should always consult with a doctor first.